Kendo Dan Exam June 17th 2023

Austrian Kendo Association will conduct Dan examinations up to 3.Dan Kendo.

Time: June 17th 04:00pm – 06:00pm (please be on-site early enough for registration and warmup; exact start time depends on Wakaba Cup)
Location: JUFA Fürstenfeld, Burgenlandstrasse 15-17, 8280 Fürstenfeld

Registration deadline: June 8th 2023 8:00pm

Registration for Austrian members by club to
All other countries please apply through EKF database.

The exam will be held according to AKA and EKF grading rules.

Exam feeRegistration fee
1.DanEUR 15,00 EUR 20,00
2.DanEUR 20,00 EUR 30,00
3.DanEUR 30,00 EUR 50,00

Payment on-site, cash only. Exam fee must be paid prior the exam and registration fee only in case of success afterwards.